Social curation in the digital world

In your article, Digital Publishing: Curation vs Collection vs Experience, I think you put your finger on it, Dan: the new model of curation. It’s no longer about what or how much to publish or collect — since publishing and collecting digital content are both, basically, free — but about selecting and pointing to the valuable, meaningful needles out there in the content haystack.

The new curators are those who use the filtering tools you mentioned to evaluate what is worth passing on. I then select from among a number of those digital curators and follow their pointers. I personalize, but I do so by building upon other curators, and my selection shifts as my interests change and as the curators change.

Algorithms can’t yet get to what is “meaningful” for me, since my past browsing doesn’t always define my future interests. Only by exploring the streams of curators (Twitter is my favorite tool for this), can I build my own always-emerging view of what is important.

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