The Internet of People

From The Fermat Project

Our world is at a crossroads. The digital technologies we have developed over the past 30 years have provided unprecedented levels of freedom and autonomy to individuals all over the globe. But these same technologies can be used for unprecedented levels of surveillance and control – and often are.

Our technologies allow us to find, create, and share information on an unprecedented scale, and give individuals the tools to accomplish things previous generations could not have imagined. But these same tools can and are used for propaganda, theft and fraud of unimaginable proportions, and for new forms of aggression, espionage, and war.

The technologies themselves are agnostic. As always, it’s people who decide if tools are to be used for good or ill.

Fermat is an ambitious project to use the digital tools at our disposal to build a new and more human-friendly cyberspace alongside the corporate and government-run cyberspace we have now. A cyberspace in which individuals and organizations can interact freely, independently, autonomously, safely and, if they choose, privately.

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